Improvements in Agricultural Microbiology

Agricultural microbiology deals with plant-associated microbes, plant and animal diseases along with the microbial processes that increase the soil fertility by microbial degradation of organic matter into soil nutrients.

Agricultural microbiology  is the most worked upon field of Microbiology due to the economic and medical importance it holds. This field explores various aspects like the genetics, physiologymolecular biology, virulence & pathogenicity and other aspects of the plant microbes. This field primarily deals with the infectious agents of the microbes, improvements and resistance of the agricultural crops, economic importance and the beneficial aspects of the normal agricultural flora. A comprehensive study and understanding is crucial in application of the microbes for augmentation of soil nutrients, increasing the resistance of plants against the plant pathogen, to understand the interaction a microbe has with the plant, and crop robustness. 

  • Effects of Bio-Geo-Chemical Pathways on Agricultural and Soil Microbes
  • Plants-Microbial Symbiosis
  • Plant Growth Promoting Substances
  • Effects of Industries on Agricultural Microbes
  • Minimization of pollutants in agricultural soil by microbes
  • Bio-fertilizers and Bio-Pesticides
  • Maintenance of Bio-equilibrium
  • Bio-conversion of Agricultural Wastes in Compost
  • Bio-inoculants
  • Bio-Controls

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