Futuristic Innovations in Industrial & Food Microbiology

Industrial Microbiology, also called as Microbial biotechnology is the application of microbes to the scientific & engineering principles for the processing of various raw & organic products into high end products. Food Microbiology, is a separate sub-field of Microbiology, with it's inter-dependency on the Industrial Microbiology for various fermented products and proccessing. 

Industrial Microbiology & Food Microbiology are primarily inter-dependent on each other. One cannot strive without the other. The blatant use of the microbes in all the major industries, like the dairy, food and beverage, leather, textiles, among others, are a vital part in the Industrial Microbiology. These microbes, mostly bacteria are regarded as biotechnological "reactors" in countless processes- like, the protein, whey production, food and beverage production, tanning etc., The processes include fermentation processes which are mostly intracellular and/or extra cellular enzymes, microbial biomass and microbial cells or also the chemicals produced by microbes. But, when it comes to Food Microbiology, one almost always sees it as a complication. But, microbes in food and beverages, are quite beneficial- mostly! Food Microbiology is the application of microbes in various industrial processes like production, fermentation or processing of foods. with the challenges, the complexity of using inter-microbial species in the processes, ethical and food safety issues in the molecular manipulation in food engineeringProbiotics are one of the most essential by-products of the beneficial bacteria that inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in our digestive system. Prebiotics are the un-digested carbohydrates of our ingested food, that cannot be absorbed by the human intestines- thereby they are utilized as foods of the probiotic bacteria. The best sources of probiotics are miso soup, sauerkraut, yogurt, fermented, soft cheeses and sourdough bread and buttermilk. 

  • Industrial Microbiology Beneficial Microorganism
  • Treatment of Wastes in Industry
  • Industrial Applications of Microbes
  • Industrial Productions of beverages
  • Impact of microbes in the preparation of pharma products
  • Fermentors and Fermentor Operation
  • Food processing, packaging and transportation
  • Probiotics, Prebiotics & Synbiotics
  • Food Safety

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