Microbial Biofuels

Fossil fuels viz., coal and oil these fuels are still the primary source of energy for the world’s developed nations, and yet it is considered as these traditional sources of energy cannot continue to power humanity’s growth into the future. Demand for oil refining is high these days, and will only increase as developing nations continue to grow. Many researchers predict that the rate of world oil production has already peaked, and that it is only decreasing from now onwards as fewer oil reserves are found. This decreasing supply and rising need will drive up the price of oil and other fossil fuels, and will make them economically un-sustainable. Use of fossil fuels concern other problems as well, most importantly that their consumption is unsustainable. To burn fossil fuels produces huge quantities of the greenhouse gas CO2 (carbon dioxide), which has a bad impact on the Earth’s environment by contributing to global warming. For all of these reasons, there is great importance to pursue the development of renewable energy sources, specifically microbial biofuels.

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